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Our concrete cleaning services are trusted by people all across Vineland, NJ for a reason! At Redline Exterior Cleaners, we’re dedicated to serving our clients right, which is why we always go above and beyond when you’ve got a job for us. Of course, this includes jobs involving concrete services. As you know, concrete is an instrumental part of every property. It’s in our driveways, patios, porches, and sidewalks. It’s durable, too, making all these structures last long and stay strong. However, when dirt and debris accumulate on these concrete surfaces, it threatens to weather them down. Our concrete cleaners remove this debris, helping your concrete look great and protecting it from potential damage, too. In other words, Redline Exterior Cleaners makes your concrete surfaces the best they can possibly be. So why wait to schedule an appointment with us? You can contact us online today to start arranging your concrete cleaning services right away!

The actual process of cleaning concrete generally uses a surface cleaner. Most concrete is flat on the ground, and surface cleaners are the perfect tools for washing these level areas. However, if you have concrete walls, we won’t be able to use surface cleaners on these. Instead, we’ll use hoses to spray them down in a methodical, row-by-row fashion. In either case, we’ll make sure that your concrete is spotless by the end of your appointment. That means no debris will be left behind. No dirt. No grime. No moss, algae, or mold, either. Just clean, sparkling concrete that you and your visitors will marvel at!

Concrete Cleaning Services in Vineland, NJ
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Driveway Cleaning

Dirty driveways hardly make a good first impression on people pulling in, so try our driveway cleaning services, and you’ll see for yourself the difference we can make. It doesn’t take us long to use our surface cleaner on your driveway. Typically, the process only takes one to two hours. Redline Exterior Cleaners works quickly to save you time!
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Patio Cleaning

Your concrete patio shouldn’t have to stay dirty, so schedule our patio cleaning services and allow us to work our magic. We begin by removing any items from the patio, such as furniture, grills, and potted plants. Then, we pressure wash the surface to perfection. Last but not least, we’ll put everything back where we found it so you don’t have to.
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Sidewalk Cleaning

With our sidewalk cleaning, you can make any grimy sidewalk into a sparkling clean spectacle that pedestrians will want to walk on without even thinking about it. From the sidewalk in front of your house to the pavement wrapping around your commercial building, we’d love to make it shine, so give us a call, and we’ll do our best for you!
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Concrete Pressure Washing Services with Flawless Results

At Redline Exterior Cleaners, we believe that the job isn’t finished until your concrete is completely clean. We won’t accept anything less than that. However, what happens if we discover that some splotches or marks don’t disappear when pressure washed? Are you forced to just deal with them? Not if we can help it. Instead, we’ll use a safe chemical treatment process to break those difficult stains down. The chemicals we use are always biodegradable, so no worries—they won’t harm the environment, and they won’t harm you, either. This chemical treatment process makes it so your concrete is flawlessly clean every time!

Concrete Pressure Washing Services in vineland nj
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Concrete Cleaning FAQs

If it’s made of concrete, it would be our absolute pleasure to wash it. Looking for some examples? A mere selection of the many concrete structures we can pressure clean include parking lots, parking garages, driveways, porches, patios, warehouse floors, and concrete walls.

It really depends on how much concrete you’d like us to pressure wash, as no two jobs are exactly alike. In general, a driveway wash takes us an hour or two, whereas pressure cleaning an entire parking garage might take more than a day. Please give us a call if you’re interested in a specific time estimate for your appointment.

At Redline Exterior Cleaners, we use a wide range of equipment to clean concrete. Some jobs may call for hoses, while others might involve surface cleaners instead. We also use protective equipment to keep our crew safe, including eyewear, earplugs, and gloves.

You don’t have to stick around and watch us work from the beginning of your appointment to the end. In fact, if you’d prefer to leave the property entirely, you can do that instead. We only need you to be there when we first arrive so you can accept our upfront quote. This lets you know you’ll be paying us before we begin our work.

Are you ready to schedule concrete cleaning services? If so, why wait to get started? Just contact us online, and you can claim an appointment window that works for you here on our website. Or give us a call at 609-414-2919. Whichever way you go about it, we want to hear from you, so don’t keep us waiting!

Concrete Cleaning FAQs

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